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Beautiful Bali: Snakes in Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot, the rock that one of Bali's most important temples, Pura Tanah Lot stands on, is not what it seems.  Snakes may be said to be protecting the temple from evil spirits and intruders but definitely not from the forces of nature. The rock has in fact started to crumble in 1980 and over one third of the rock presently are man-made.The Japanese government had made a loan of approximately USD $130 million to the Indonesian government and part of the money had be used to conserve the temple. If you have started to doubt the existence of snakes in Tanah Lot, you may still meet up with one yet. You could even hold it and take a snapshot for a little fee!

Would you want to take a picture with this python?

Traveling Tip:  Take a snapshot!

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Beautiful Bali: You don't have to Surf!

Tanah Lot reportedly occupies an area of about 3 acres. Nature lovers would be delighted to explore the place and perhaps could spend hours here, admiring the beaches and the Indian Ocean. The waves here, reportedly are bigger than the average waves in Bali . Needless to say, there are surfers here and if you don't catch them surfing, maybe you can catch them washing up! You really don't have to surf to enjoy surfing!

Traveling Tip:  You don't have to surf!
Beautiful Bali is coming to an end! Coming up soon: Taiwan Treat!

.the Batu Bolong Temple which is located towards  the west side of Tanah Lot Temple