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Beautiful Bali: Visiting Tirtha Empul Temple

With over 90% of Balinese being Hindus, Hindus still form a minority in Indonesia. That, of course is understandble since the archipelago with approximately 17,508 islands has over 238 million people while Bali's present population probably has not even surpassed 5 million. In 2010, the census recorded  its population at just 3,891,000. Understandable too, there are many Hindu temples in Bali and these temples, often called Pura are unlike the common towering indoor Indian Hindu Temple.  In Bali, the temple is an open air worship place within enclosed walls. Often, to reach its compounds one would have to pass a series of intricately decorated gates. One of the must visit temples in Bali is of course, the Tirtha Empul Temple. When we arrived at the temple, it was rather crowded with locals and there was a mix of  festive and picnic-like atmosphere ...

Would you like to join the crowd at Tirtha Empul Temple?

Traveling Tip: Visit Temples!